We are always looking for people of good character who are interested in joining our organization.  We invite anyone that is  interested in Classic or Customized Vehicles, of any year or type, with or without a vehicle to join our organization.  Members  must be able to dedicate enough time to participate and help make a difference in our Car Club.



The club accepts applications for membership from anyone that has an interest in the hobby.  We are a co-ed club and, therefore    no prospect is refused because of race, color, creed, sex, or sexual orientation.  New members are on probation for six months and cannot hold any office during this time.  Club members with one year membership in good standing are able to run for office.  To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. 

Annual Dues is $30.00 Per Person or $50.00 Per Couple

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our Officers and members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can join.



There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization. Our members are close friends and we have a great time at club get togethers.  Of course we also have a common interest, and we hope to further our cause.  All club members that have participated in at least 3/4 of our judging shows can attend our holiday party and our annual picnic free of charge.


                                                        Click the Button Below for a Car Club Application.                                                          Send your Completed Application with your Check To:

                                                              The Fabulous 50s & 60s Nostalgia Car Club                                                                    101 Shinnecock Avenue, Mastic, NY 11950